We continue to supply components for a wide range of manufacturers within the automotive industry. Cylinder heads, brake discs and gearbox casings are just some of the parts that we help to develop and produce.

Our relationship with the classic and specialist vehicle markets is flourishing. We create components for classic brands like Aston MartinBugatti and Norton as well as cutting edge developers like the McLaren F1 team. This technical experience and knowledge benefits NewPro sponsored student racing teams. Brunel University, the University of Leeds and the University of Birmingham all participate in the Formula SAE racing series using our parts and input.

Our clients include: Bentley, Bugatti, FerrariBenetton, TWNR, Aviva, Arrival, JCB, Lexus and Toyota to name just a few.


LM4, LM13, LM169, LM6, LM25, MMC, AB2