Classic casting

Classic cars require tender love and care. However, when it comes to restoring, repairing, and maintaining them, it can be incredibly tricky to find high quality components. Often owners and collectors find that the necessary parts are obsolete, the original manufacturers may no longer even exist. If you’re in need of a part for your vintage ride, we might just have the perfect solution.

For years NewPro has been involved in casting for the automotive industry – we’ve manufactured everything from cylinder heads and gearbox casings to components for McLaren F1. Along the way we’ve created specialist pieces for the classic car market, casting prototypes for Aston Martin, wheels, and even a Peerless grille.

Working from an original part, we’re able to create a sand mould and cast one-off parts for individual clients. In the absence of an original part, we’re able to use a pattern instead. Patterns – usually made from resin, plaster or wood – provide a solid shape from which to produce a moulding imprint.

It’s important to cast your piece in the best alloy. While bronze castings can be chromed they’re heavier than aluminium alloys. LM6 offers excellent corrosion resistance, though it’s durability can make it difficult to machine and polish the finished casting. Our team will guide you through the benefits of different alloys and help you to find the best metal for your casting.

Gary Stretton of Classics Monthly spent a day with the team in 2009, and was left ‘in no doubt as to how invaluable companies such as NewPro are to classic car fans.’ Get in touch to find out more!